CarPlay Wireless Adapter

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Use Apple Carplay wirelessly with Wireless Carplay Adapter ! Designed for Apple iPhones and cars with factory activated Apple Carplay function.

Just connect the device with the cable to your Apple Carplay USB slot, pair it with your iPhone via bluetooth and you are all set! Apple Carplay will activate automatically every time you turn on your vehicle, without the necessity to connect the data cable every time!

How it works?

Wireless Carplay Adapter is designed to use Apple Carplay in the car, without connecting the USB cable.
Designed exclusively for iPhones and multimedia’s with original factory Apple Carplay function.


Main Features

Fast autoconnect ±40 seconds.
Original controls with steering wheel buttons, knobs, switches and touchscreen!
Flawless wireless connection and fast response.
Over the air software updates.

How to connect and pair Wireless Carplay Adapter for the first time?

It is a single time procedure. Make sure Apple Carplay function is active in your phone. Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi.

Connect the device to the USB port, which has Apple Carplay function. See LED indicator switch from red to green. Screen will switch to the device menu. Wireless adapter is ready to be paired via Bluetooth.

Turn on Bluetooth list in iPhone. See the Bluetooth name in the screen of the car. Find it in the list, press Pair and allow using CarPlay. Device will reboot once and Apple Carplay will turn on automatically.

Package contains:

1x Adapter 

1x USB-A/USB-C wire 

1x User Manual



Supports all iPhone models with iOS version 10 and higher!

Wireless Carplay Adapter fist vehicles manufactured after 2015, which has OEM factory wired Apple Carplay function.

Audi, Mazda, Mercedes, Skoda, Dodge, Porsche, Peugeot, Volvo, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroen, Genesis, GMC, KIA, Lexus, Maserati, Opel, Renault, Seat, Toyota, Range Rover, Jaguar, Subaru, MG, Suzuki, Lamborghini, GAC, Volkswagen.

All available models

Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter will not work with Mitsubishi vehicles.

Wireless Carplay Adapter fits with aftermarket headunits:

Pioneer, Kenwood, LCCP, JVC.

CPU: Atmel AT91 SAM 9260
MFI: MFI 3959 / MFI 3989
Wifi modulis: Realtek 8822BS/Broadcom 4354S
Lizdai: USB Female, Type-C Female
Rezoliucija: Auto

Power in: 5V±0.2V⎓ 2.1A
Power out: DC 5V±0.8V⎓ 2.0A
Power Consumption: 0.15W

WIFI Frequency: 5150-5250MHz,5725-5850MHz
Bluetooth Frequency: 2412-2483.5MHz
Antenna: 3 DBI built-in FPC antenna

Product Size: 80*40*13.2mm
Package Box: 220*86*30mm
Packing list: Carplay Wireless Adapter x1, User Manual x1, Type-C to USB Cable x1,

Will it work in my car?

If your car requires to connect your iPhone with data cable, in order to use Apple Carplay – yes Wireless carplay adapter will fir your your car! If you are still unsure, please contact us, and provide more info about your car.

Do i need to pair Wireless Carplay Adapter each time i want to use Apple Carplay?

NO! You only need to pair device with your iPhone cia bluetooth only once! Apple Carplay function will activate every other time automatically!

Wireless Carplay Adapter use “WiFi”, or “Bluetooth”? I don’t have “WiFi” in my car.

Device has own “WiFi” and “Bluetooth” chips. It connects and activates via “Bluetooth” and later sends signal only via”WiFi”.

Will it work with my Android phone?

No, this adapter only work with iPhone. Android devices and Android Auto are not supported.

I have paid device with two iPhones, will they both work?

Only one iPhone can be connected at once, however if you have two phones in the car at the same time, it will connect to the last paired one.